By Disha Nag

Sitting at the corner of dimness,

The feathers slowly shed the dreams I once dreamt.

The wings that had once given the power to fly,

Lay on the ground, shattering the courage I once felt.

The heart that once beat with passion,

Now stays still with no rhythm to dance to. 

The bricks create a barrier,

Reaching my hand towards you,

Wearing a veil, I camouflage my fear.

The hands that once swayed to the melody;

Remain still to each and every harmony.

The invisible hands hold me back,

Drunk in sorrow, I flow down a river of tears.

Exhaustion pulls me towards the ocean floor.

I wake up from a dreadful dream,

A dream of my own death,

Not surprising although I run out of breath. 

The heart that once wept,

The fears that crept,

The love that I once felt,

The happiness that had once brightened my eyes,

Sink in an endless ocean.

Image courtesy of Lucas Pezeta

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