Living in a world that is falling apart

By Samar Pant

For someone who arrived fairly recently in a history that spans billions of years, humanity has forged the destiny of the planet in unimaginable ways. We have altered its climate to the extent that our survival is threatened. We have polluted its waters to the extent that its life has been poisoned. Each day, we lose more species than we can count. Each day, more forests are destroyed than are planted.

And still some continue like nothing is wrong. Each day is just another day; each day is just another dollar.

I read somewhere that in a billion years we will have run out of oxygen. But I doubt we’d even make it as far as a fraction of that billion. You see, long before the universe renders our planet lifeless, we may just have done it to ourselves because of the way we are going on about things.

It’s no secret the world is falling apart, yet most of us continue to turn a blind eye to this reality. Every second we live, breathe and work, we ignore our fate. While those who try to alter this path continue to push day and night, with no end in sight to the struggle.

When the kids strike to demand action on climate change we either say nice things to them, ignore them, or criticise them. I wonder how many of us take our cues to get involved. I am guilty too. I am just as culpable as you. But I decided some time ago that I would vote with my conscience. I decided to take part in conservation and activism, whenever, wherever possible.

True, we are all busy with our lives. Each one of us has a large mortgage to carry, never ending bills to manage. We all have plenty of responsibilities. But I ask you this – can we not make little changes to our lives, can we not take as little as an hour per week, to get involved, to push for positive outcomes? Can we not all take little steps; something as small as reading about climate change or joining the discussion? Surely, we can at least vote consciously or write letters to important people. Surely, we can learn new habits like how we dispose of our rubbish or what we consume.

You see, it wasn’t that long ago that most of the planet was covered in forests. Nature enjoyed living an undisturbed presence. But we changed all that. And now we face the consequences.

So now isthe time to act. Now is the time to do something about it.

We are the ones who put us into this position. Only we can take ourselves out of it. A better future is possible, we just have to act to get there.

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