Lost Girl

By Allandra Gordon

Lost in time.

Lost in the dark.

Lost in the light.

She gave up, she never won a fight.

She’s drowning in depression.

Impossible to get back to shore.

That’s how the innocent girl felt.

She’s tired of trying.

Surviving and hiding.

Surviving the voices in her head.

Hiding her emotions and feelings.

She’s not eating.

Always sleeping.

Her life has meaning.

But she wants to stop breathing.

She turns to drugs to escape reality.

When reality hits her again.

She’s back to being herself.

Lost girl is hurting.



She needs help.

Tired of hearing “It will be okay”.

Her world is grey.

She felt betrayed.

By the ones who are supposed to stay.

Her pain is excruciating.

She needs to get away.

Away from negativity.

Healing in peace.

Her anxiety increases, decreases.

Increase, decrease on a scale.

She can’t catch a break.

She’s tired.

Begging for you to save her.

Can’t you see?

The system failed her miserably.

Photo courtesy pexel.com

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