Ideas of Love

By Aundrea Henry


The beauty that aligns in your soul

The way that it can be intertwined with one is love

Not just the kindness and thoughtfulness that everybody else describes

It’s the passion that fires the inner you to accomplish what you desire

It’s the soft touch that is felt when within you

It’s not the good looks or prettiness but the exquisiteness and artistry that is displayed

Yes, you can be allured by beauty but the beast in disguise can catch you by surprise and destroy the intellect that abides

The laughter that can simply put a smile on people’s face is astonishing 

Never thinking that it can be this way

The love of another being granted upon them

The ideas of love relate to the superficial feelings connected by foolish residence 

Sexual ties, desire, using another, selfishness, victimize

They all aren’t the best 

They leave you unblessed your mental distressed begging you to let go of this restless mess but you call this love 

The toxicants that remains in your spirit is the plug that blocks you from freedom 

Think of it as a sink that’s clogged full of gunk which fills the bowl up forcing it to overflow

That’s the negativity

Until we let go of the things that are stopping our souls to free, it will remain trapped in a box endlessly trying to unbound, stopping the overflow not letting it reach capacity 

The ideas of love are irresistible and glamorous 

Full of potential, prosperity and abundance

Full of divine and wishful opportunities 

Full of challenges and charity 

Full of triumph and misery

Full of ugly yet delightful discoveries

The ideas of love aren’t for the aspiration minded

Open and responsive are tools needed in order to be binded 

Binded and connected with one another trusted with the chance that it wouldn’t be forever

The ideas of love are beyond apprehension which is the astounding grandeur that should leave you in an mindset of full comprehension 

Photo courtesy Loe Moshkovska/Pexel

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