The Clean White Paper

By Julia Magsombol

Somebody told me that living is the same thing as writing. 

God gave us a clean paper to write on for this journey of ours. 

We write our own stories on this paper. 

We must, of course, write something correct, pleasant and amusing on this paper, like our dreams, passions, happiness and much more. 

Unfortunately, as human beings, we sometimes write the wrong sentences and words. 


We make mistakes, and some mistakes can be erased, and others can not. 

Even though we try our best to find an eraser that can erase our mistakes, sometimes they cannot be undone. 

Some of our mistakes cannot be erased from this clean white paper. They’re written permanently. 

And with all of these, we cannot entirely move on to write on other clean white paper and write more of our journey. 

We often waste our time and efforts to erase the mistakes we have written. 

We drown ourselves with self–pity and shame. 

Because of the mistakes we have written, we forget that a hundred clean papers still exist to write on. 

To start all over again.

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