Hustle Town

By Tracy Thomas

You feel it in the air all around

Like the hair on the back of your neck

The hustle, the bustle

The hurdles, the struggles

City of the strong, for the strong

In fictitious lies of democracy 

The “weak” gets weeded

Only the brave survives

The leader, the preacher

The pastor, the pope

Difference in faces, but goals the same


No games here they say

Be strong they say

Go hard and your dreams will come true

But it’s eat or be eaten. 

“Welcome to our networking event”; Predators, meet your preys

No prejudice just preference

And a preference to be prejudiced

City of dreams constantly killing dreams

So much hustle, yet poverty lurks 

The city is rich but the poor gets poorer 


Pretence, fake living, webs of lies

Mirrored faces like distant memories

Drifting souls with dying dreams 

A steep price to pay in hustle town.

Picture courtesy Liza Summer

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