Fairy Tale

By Julia Magsombol  

When I was a little girl, I was a huge fan of fairy tales. I love to watch and read stories of  princesses who were saved by their knight and shining armour. I mostly watched all Walt Disney  princess movies, and I would admit that I was delighted and comforted by those. Truthfully, who  wouldn’t be satisfied and mesmerized by those happy stories or endings of fairy tales? Most  women do, and I wouldn’t deny the fact that I even thought of my life’s story as a fairy tale one.  I love fairy tales. I was comforted how a knight and shining armour could save those princesses  in the middle of their dilemma. A knight and shining armour could even sacrifice themselves to  protect those princesses defeated by wicked witches or stepmothers. 

When I was seven, I particularly asked my parents to have a themed princess birthday party. My  parents granted me those wish as they thought that seven is the age that is significant in one’s  life. I had two cakes that are stuck together by a bridge. The complete Disney princesses are  standing on those cakes. I was wearing a purple gown with white stockings and white shoes on.  There was a gigantic poster on the front wall of the birthday studio that says “Happy 7th  Birthday, Julia. Love Mommy and Daddy.” I was simply so happy during those times. Later at  night, after the party, I soon realized that it was the most terrific fairy tale I ever had in my entire  life. I was wearing a gown, and everything seemed perfect. The thing is, I had no partner at all.  My knight and shining armour did not even show up, and there I realized that it might take him a  long time to come to me. 

But I was wrong. He didn’t come at all, or perhaps, does he even exist? I realized for the past  years that I was a little bit lunatic for hoping that a knight and shining armour would even save  me from all my dilemmas and troubles. I was waiting for nothing. I probably stopped believing  in fairy tales when I realized that there are no hands to pull me to have a happy ever after while  eating a subway at my study table, studying, and crying all alone. Instead, I wiped all my tears all  by myself and grabbed a chocolate chip ice cream and bag of Doritos spicy chips. I went to my  bed and hoped for a better tomorrow. 

Each moment I became aware that a knight shining armour won’t appear since he wasn’t true.  He was just a character built by those writers who want to feed lies to the children that someone  will eventually save them in the middle of their crisis. The truth is, no one can save us,  particularly not somebody in the problems we may have. No one can solve our problems except  us, and that was the cruel thing I’ve ever realized. 

We are always responsible for the consequences of the things we do. We are obligated to help  ourselves when we have problems. After all, our lives aren’t fairy tales, where somebody would  come to save us from the evil. Our lives are just simply complicated lives we must live. And so,  a knight and shining armour don’t merely exist because it was only ourselves who could save us. 

Don’t forget! Although a knight and shining armour don’t exist, with all the odds we may have  while living, we may meet someone that can make us have a happily ever after through their  unconditional love and support. These people could help us to help ourselves in solving our 

problems. These people could make us pick up ourselves again, to rise when we stumble, and to  live our own fairy tale.  

Going back to my seventh birthday, one of the gifts I received was a stationary package that  includes a note, a pen, and a notebook. There was a memorable quote that was embedded in the  small, squared sticky notes, and it went something like this: “The greatest fairy tale of them all is  the story of your own.”

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