By Samar Pant Evolution didn’t make us very good at cutting through uncertainty. Predicting the future is not a strong biological trait. No, our hunches and knacks only help us make guesses. But what evolution did endow us with is the ability to build tools that can. So we built computers, with the power toContinue reading “Prophets”

A Grim, Thin Hope: The Fantasy of Immediate Change

By Bree Taylor This is a creative non-fiction piece that examines how the author feels about being both a writer and consumer of SFF (Speculative Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy) in contemporary times. In the face of a pandemic, climate change, and oppressive political climates, it can be easy to dismiss the messages of thisContinue reading “A Grim, Thin Hope: The Fantasy of Immediate Change”

The Clean White Paper

By Julia Magsombol Somebody told me that living is the same thing as writing.  God gave us a clean paper to write on for this journey of ours.  We write our own stories on this paper.  We must, of course, write something correct, pleasant and amusing on this paper, like our dreams, passions, happiness andContinue reading “The Clean White Paper”

Tough Enough

By Taryn Pawlivsky He stares at his reflection in the mirror with mixed emotions. Regret, sadness, disgust and shame. Age has hardened him but the result is a near handsome ruggedness. He traces the indents in his forehead with his index finger. Lack of sleep has cast dark shadows under his eyes – those dark,Continue reading “Tough Enough”

In Pursuit of the Uncanny: The Unchanging Writing Techniques of Gothic Literature

By Tracy Thomas The horror (or gothic) genre dates back to 18th century England and has grossed billions of dollars in movies alone. Whether a gothic creation takes the form of literature (including films), folktale, partaking in Halloween, pranking or getting pranked, there are common elements that must exist to make it qualify as horrorContinue reading “In Pursuit of the Uncanny: The Unchanging Writing Techniques of Gothic Literature”

Zenith of Humanity’s Collective Intelligence

By Samar Pant Can we, in all honesty, stake the claim that humanity’s collective intelligence has reached its zenith? Like the flag planted on the Moon, a testament to humanity’s breakthrough in space travel, could we plant a flag on the highest peak of intelligence and knowledge? We are, after all, living in an ageContinue reading “Zenith of Humanity’s Collective Intelligence”

Fibromyalgia’s Reigns

By Ela Sakotic On a cold day, every muscle in my back feels like concrete: stiff and unyielding. I can tell you that it’s cold outside before I even open my eyes in the morning because my hips are so cramped that getting out of bed seems like an impossible task. Eventually, I heave myselfContinue reading “Fibromyalgia’s Reigns”