In Pursuit of the Uncanny: The Unchanging Writing Techniques of Gothic Literature

By Tracy Thomas The horror (or gothic) genre dates back to 18th century England and has grossed billions of dollars in movies alone. Whether a gothic creation takes the form of literature (including films), folktale, partaking in Halloween, pranking or getting pranked, there are common elements that must exist to make it qualify as horrorContinue reading “In Pursuit of the Uncanny: The Unchanging Writing Techniques of Gothic Literature”

Zenith of Humanity’s Collective Intelligence

By Samar Pant Can we, in all honesty, stake the claim that humanity’s collective intelligence has reached its zenith? Like the flag planted on the Moon, a testament to humanity’s breakthrough in space travel, could we plant a flag on the highest peak of intelligence and knowledge? We are, after all, living in an ageContinue reading “Zenith of Humanity’s Collective Intelligence”

Living in a world that is falling apart

By Samar Pant For someone who arrived fairly recently in a history that spans billions of years, humanity has forged the destiny of the planet in unimaginable ways. We have altered its climate to the extent that our survival is threatened. We have polluted its waters to the extent that its life has been poisoned.Continue reading “Living in a world that is falling apart”

Online Dating Stories: #2 I Met my Rapist on Tinder

By Tracy Thomas When I got a response with the title “I met my rapist on tinder”, a chill washed over me like someone dumped a bucket of iced water on me. The reason is that when I downloaded the Tinder app, my second biggest fear was getting raped; the first was getting killed. ForContinue reading “Online Dating Stories: #2 I Met my Rapist on Tinder”

Story of a Korean Immigrant: Minor Cultural differences between Korea and Canada that make a Major Difference

By Emily Yeo Jenny is a 28 years old female. She’s born and raised in South Korea but affected a lot by her father and grandfather, who are big fans of Hollywood movies. Naturally, she has been deeply in love with American and British shows for 2/3 of her life, starting from Rambo 2 when she wasContinue reading “Story of a Korean Immigrant: Minor Cultural differences between Korea and Canada that make a Major Difference”

Incorporating Indigenous Knowledge to Environmentalism in Canada

By Ana L. Arciniega B.  There is a problem of inclusivity within the environmentalist community and government policies in Canada. In particular, Indigenous people and their cultural teachings are underrepresented and completely sidelined in environmental NGOs and organizations as well as in the building of national policies regarding the land. Indigenous peoples in Canada haveContinue reading “Incorporating Indigenous Knowledge to Environmentalism in Canada”

A Retrospective: Human Nature in Literature

By Lillian Murphy In life, since I am a relatively deep thinker and someone who enjoys good stories, I often think about the intricacies of reasoning when it comes to making integral life choices. As a society, we have a propensity to ask why. In this article, I will indicate the many sides of thisContinue reading “A Retrospective: Human Nature in Literature”

Unpopular Opinion: #1 The Unrealistic Goal of a 24/7 High Self Esteem

By Emily Yeo There is a song called [Everything I wanted] by Billie Eilish that goes, “If I could change the way that you see yourself”. And they were words that  Billie’s older brother Finneas Eilish – who also wrote the song and lyrics – said to Billy when she was having a hard timeContinue reading “Unpopular Opinion: #1 The Unrealistic Goal of a 24/7 High Self Esteem”