Northern Alberta


By Samar Pant Evolution didn’t make us very good at cutting through uncertainty. Predicting the future is not a strong biological trait. No, our hunches and knacks only help us make guesses. But what evolution…

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Fairy Tale

By Julia Magsombol   When I was a little girl, I was a huge fan of fairy tales.…

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Hustle Town

By Tracy Thomas You feel it in the air all around Like the hair on the back of your neck The hustle, the bustle The hurdles, the struggles City of the strong, for the…

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The Clean White Paper

By Julia Magsombol Somebody told me that living is the same thing as writing.  God gave us a clean paper to write on for this journey of ours.  We write our own stories on…

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Tough Enough

By Taryn Pawlivsky He stares at his reflection in the mirror with mixed emotions. Regret, sadness, disgust and shame. Age has hardened him but the result is a near handsome ruggedness. He traces the…

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