By Samar Pant Evolution didn’t make us very good at cutting through uncertainty. Predicting the future is not a strong biological trait. No, our hunches and knacks only help us make guesses. But what evolution did endow us with is the ability to build tools that can. So we built computers,…

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A Grim, Thin Hope: The Fantasy of Immediate Change

By Bree Taylor This is a creative non-fiction piece that examines how the author feels about being both a writer and consumer of SFF (Speculative Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy) in contemporary times. In the face of a pandemic, climate change, and oppressive political climates, it can be easy to dismiss…

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The Circle of Life

By Tracy Thomas The morning wakes, the day is bright  the noon walks in slowly, the day brightens  then comes the darkness, all brightness gone  then the moon and stars come out to play  does the morning awake again?  it is the circle of life  the snowflake sails down, it is…

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Fairy Tale

By Julia Magsombol   When I was a little girl, I was a huge fan of fairy tales. I love to watch and read stories of  princesses who were saved by their knight and shining armour. I mostly watched all Walt Disney  princess movies, and I would admit that I was delighted…

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Hustle Town

By Tracy Thomas You feel it in the air all around Like the hair on the back of your neck The hustle, the bustle The hurdles, the struggles City of the strong, for the strong In fictitious lies of democracy  The “weak” gets weeded Only the brave survives The leader, the…

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