Tracy Thomas

Tracy Thomas is a journalism major at Grant MacEwan University, Edmonton, CA. She has a law degree

and more than four years of work experience in corporate communication.

The Circle of Life

By Tracy Thomas The morning wakes, the day is bright  the noon walks in slowly, the day brightens  then comes the darkness, all brightness gone  then the moon and stars come out to play  does the morning awake again?  it is the circle of life  the snowflake sails down, it is the season of winter Continue reading “The Circle of Life”

Hustle Town

By Tracy Thomas You feel it in the air all around Like the hair on the back of your neck The hustle, the bustle The hurdles, the struggles City of the strong, for the strong In fictitious lies of democracy  The “weak” gets weeded Only the brave survives The leader, the preacher The pastor, theContinue reading “Hustle Town”

In Pursuit of the Uncanny: The Unchanging Writing Techniques of Gothic Literature

By Tracy Thomas The horror (or gothic) genre dates back to 18th century England and has grossed billions of dollars in movies alone. Whether a gothic creation takes the form of literature (including films), folktale, partaking in Halloween, pranking or getting pranked, there are common elements that must exist to make it qualify as horrorContinue reading “In Pursuit of the Uncanny: The Unchanging Writing Techniques of Gothic Literature”

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